Dirty South: Atlanta's Premier Producer

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In the second episode of the OZY original video series Dirty South, we got in the booth with Atlanta’s influential producer, SauceLordRich.

It’s no mistake that Steven “SauceLordRich” Bolden was born on May 3. Sharing a birthday with musical icons James Brown and Damon Dash is, the prolific producer believes, more than a casual connection — it’s a sign of his musical destiny. He also told us to “never trust a man in music,” although he assured us he’s an exception because he’s not in music, he is music.


BTW, that song in the video? It’s called Top on Top by SauceLordRich himself.

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FKi Rich, aka SauceLordRich, is one-half of the Atlanta production powerhouse FKi. After starting in his parents’ basement, in 2007, the Atlanta producer has gone on to produce songs for 2 Chainz, Iggy Azalea, Waka Flocka and Young Thug. In the studio, though, Rich gets top billing. Seamlessly switching between glitch, trap and lyricism, his sound is impossible to label. For the platinum-selling producer, it’s never been about the sound. It’s about the lifestyle, the “sauce.” It’s the red blazer gracing his shoulders, the diamond pinkie ring, the John Lennon shades and the gold chain dangling from his left ear.

Over the past year, Rich has watched talent flock to his city with hopes of being the next to pop off in Atlanta, the It hub for hot rappers. In fact, he can’t even discuss who’s up-and-coming because they’ve already been profiled. But he will talk about the industry, the flaws, its future of lyricism, his new album, Know Me King Wolf, and his love for Atlanta. There are endless reasons for musicians to create in the Deep South, but for Rich, it’s the way money stretches like elastic. “Here, you don’t have to go to a strip club to live a strip club life,” he says, laughing. “I love this place.”

Dirty South, an OZY original video series, centers around the ever-changing subcultures of Atlanta. Featuring influencers who are moving the city to the forefront of what’s hot, Dirty South looks at gentrification, gender roles, race relations and originality through the lenses of Atlanta’s art, music and fashion scenes.

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