Dope Grannies: Building the Cannabiz

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Why you should care

Because entrepreneurs never have it easy, but the particular challenges of the cannabusiness can knock even the strong off their game.

Episode 5 of Dope Grannies, a video series on senior citizens and marijuana.

Pot may be rapidly legalizing, but opening a cannabis business is still a thorny and slow process — just ask cannabis entrepreneur Sue Taylor. Her goal of opening a cannabis dispensary for senior citizens in Berkeley, California, continues to elude her after six years. The latest blow hit close to home, when many fellow African-Americans spoke out against her proposal at a community meeting.

In this episode, Taylor visits her mentor, Steve DeAngelo, owner of one of the country’s oldest and largest dispensaries, for a pep talk.



People shaking up their fields, old dogs doing new tricks, and those who like to bring the ruckus.