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    Katie Couric Curates OZY’s PDB

    She made history as the first woman to helm an American evening newscast solo back in 2006 as anchor of the CBS Evening News. This award-winning journalist is now Yahoo’s Global News Anchor. When she’s not conducting groundbreaking interviews, she’s raising money for cancer research, producing documentaries like National Geographic’s Gender Revolution and a cooking web series for Sur La Table called Full Plate — new episode debuts today — and writing best-sellers like The Best Advice I Ever Got: Lessons From Extraordinary Lives. Today, she joins the ranks of OZY guest editors like Bill Gates and Tucker Carlson to share her take on current must-know news and trends.

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    Simmons Raises Questions Over the Right to More Privacy

    This is a fascinating story about the intersection of celebrity voyeurism and the right to privacy. The wildly popular podcast Missing Richard Simmons is now raising questions about the ethics of searching for someone who doesn’t want to be found. I interviewed host Dan Taberski for an upcoming postscript to his six-part series — in exchange for him promoting my podcast, Katie Couric (shameless plug!) — and got his reaction to those who think he needs to do some soul searching of his own.

  3. Hundreds of Russians Jailed Amid Opposition Protests, Hong Kong Elects First Woman Leader and Pizzagate Promulgator Apologizes

    Know This: Russian authorities have arrested hundreds, including opposition leader Alexei Navalny, in the biggest anti-government protests since 2012. After the failure of a Republican health care bill, President Donald Trump is touting tax reform as his next major push. Hong Kong voters have elected Beijing-backed Carrie Lam as their first woman chief executive. And the Pentagon has acknowledged targeting an area in Mosul, at the request of Iraqi forces, on March 17 where some 200 civilians were reportedly killed.

    Don’t Believe This: “We apologize to the extent our commentaries could be construed as negative statements about Mr. (James) Alefantis or Comet Ping Pong, and we hope that anyone else involved in commenting on Pizzagate will do the same thing.” — Alex Jones, on the conspiracy theory he promoted on his radio show and Infowars website that sought to link Hillary Clinton to fictitious child sex traffickers.

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    Let’s Say ‘Unwelcome’ to the Era of Alternative Facts

    Media organizations are still finding their way when it comes to covering our new president. The tactics used by the tobacco industry became a case study for a field of research called “agnotology” — the study of culturally induced ignorance or doubt. Sound familiar? Attention fact-checkers and truth tellers: Tim Harford argues that facing facts may not be the answer. So what is?

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    Colon Cancer Screenings Must Start Younger

    I’ve been a crusader for colon cancer awareness ever since I lost my husband Jay in 1998, and he was just 42. It frustrates me to no end that guidelines recommend a baseline colonoscopy or other screening method beginning at age 50. A new study may push experts to rethink those guidelines, making doctors more open to the possibility of colorectal cancer as a diagnosis in younger patients. This would also make people UNDER 50 more aware of their symptoms and more likely to see their doctor.

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    Everyone Should Get Up to Speed on the Transgender Community

    After executive producing and hosting a documentary called Gender Revolution for National Geographic, I was very interested in this story highlighting the increasing number of students who live beyond the binary. There seems to be a generational divide when it comes to our understanding and acceptance of gender identity. So anyone over 30 should probably read this piece and, of course, watch my documentary. (The link’s included, so no excuses people!)

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    Facing Life and Death With Breathtaking Bravery

    Nina Riggs wrote this beautiful essay that touched me so much. We ended up communicating via social media — we DM’d each other on Twitter — and I was heartsick when I learned she was going into hospice. I found out she died on February 26. She’s written an amazing book about her life and impending death called The Bright Hour that will be published in June. I wanted to share the “Modern Love” column that first introduced me and so many other people to Nina, so you too could marvel at her grace, humor and unflinching honesty. We should all be so brave.