The Presidential Daily Brief


  1. money (80241364)

    Choosing Great Britain Over Little England for the Economic Future

    It’s no secret that when I was prime minister, I was passionate about the positive role Britain could play on the world stage and the importance of our membership in the E.U. With the global recession and our increasingly interconnected world, closing the door on opportunity and shutting up shop would be narrow-minded and a retrograde step. We are a great nation — creative, dynamic, clever — and we should add open-minded and ambitious to that list!

    Source: The Economist

  2. thailand protests (454407739)

    Top News from OZY

    Ohio school officials are charged in the case of a 16-year-old’s rape. (USA Today). 

    Thousands march against the government in Thailand, break into finance ministry. (BBC).

    Honduras ruling party candidate leads presidential vote. (Al Jazeera).

    Deadly storm moves east in U.S., threatening Thanksgiving travel. (USA Today).

    Israeli leader calls Iran nuclear deal ”historic mistake.” (CNN).

    Today is International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. (U.N.).


  1. africa woman (453980346)

    How the Quota System Is Helping Women Change African Politics

    I have retained my interest and involvement in Africa, and my charity (the AGI) will by the end of the year be working in 10 African countries. I see in the continent enormous potential and reason for hope. There is a whole generation of new leaders who are not only transforming their countries for the benefit of their people but who also could perhaps teach us in the West something about courageous, bold leadership.

    Source: The Economist

  2. phone (494842565)

    Harnessing Big Data Will Alter the World — Hopefully for the Better

    Since I left political office, during which I didn’t even have a mobile phone, I have learned a vast amount about how technological advances are transforming our lives. As with all great advances, these can be used for good and for ill. The vast increase of data of all kinds is a perfect example of this — we must engage with how it can work to our benefit and mitigate how it can harm. This is a clever article that puts that case in a very smart way.

    Source: Foreign Affairs

  3. 3D printing (527098421)

    3-D Printing in Hospitals, Schools … Where Next?

    Cheaper, faster prosthetics. Lifelike copies that allow doctors to practice techniques before entering the operating room. Grade-school children who can see their creations become reality. Last year’s promises of the power and usage of 3-D printing have become this year’s science-fiction bought to life. Technology is changing economies, how we live our lives, how we educate our children. And 3-D printing has moved so quickly from the margins of innovation to the mainstream that it fascinates me. 

    Sources: CNET, Financial Times (sub. req.)

  4. MasterChef

    Chefs Cook Up Their Best and a Sleuth Tackles the Truth

    What are the hot shows in the U.K. at the moment? OZY hears that MasterChef Australia, a show where cooks wield their culinary skills in a series of themed challenges, is one to watch. And there’s also Montalbano, currently broadcast in the U.K. on BBC4 on Saturday nights. It’s a drama series based on the books featuring Sicily’s intrepid inspector Salvo Montalbano. 

    Sources: NDTV CooksThe Times, BBC