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    At OZY, we hire the best. Occasionally we’re literal about it.

    Think of Wade Best as the Wizard of OZY — the man behind the curtain who ensures all our ads are playing nice with the site and enhancing the reader’s experience while making sure they meet advertisers’ needs and deliver the best response for our sponsors. Wade is helping OZY grow as a business. “I like a story well told,” he says. “I’m here to help fund the creation of more well-told stories.”

    And, yes, this wizard hails from Kansas. “Why, yes, I did arrive in a tornado,” Wade confirms. “Sorry about my house landing on your mother.” A funny guy who makes his colleagues laugh while making money for the company, Wade shares a birthday with comedic giant David Sedaris (and Henry Miller, and Vicki from Small Wonder).

    His wizardry extends to the kitchen, another skill that makes his colleagues happy. It started in his youth, when he baked sugar cookies with his grandmother. Wade recently gifted us with a massive apple pie that did not live to see the sun set. (More, please.) And his peanut butter pie once took second place in a pie-baking contest — it lost to his French coconut pie. Wade graciously shared this foodie pro tip: “The egg shape makes all candy taste better. Exhibit A: Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg.”

    Before coming to OZY, Wade worked in sales, sales management, product management, yield management and ad ops management at The Charlotte Observer / Charlotte.com and the San Francisco Chronicle / SFGate.com. He has lived in every time zone in the contiguous states before settling in San Francisco, which is the place that suits this Best best.

    A Recipe for Making Wade Angry

    • Take one drinking glass, any size
    • Fill it with an ice-cold refreshing beverage
    • Place it adjacent to a coaster
    • Wait 5 minutes; Wade or an associate will beat you with reeds
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