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    Born and raised in a big Italian family in the little town of Coral Springs, Florida, the one and only Tania Straatsma moved to Los Angeles after graduating from the University of Central Florida to pursue a career in television. This zealous early-riser has been the chief executive assistant for shows including Top Chef, Cold Justice and Celebrity Wife Swap. And after getting a taste of life under the klieg lights, Tania joined OZY.

    Leaving her family back in Florida is the bravest thing she’s ever done, but every day at OZY, she confronts and defeats all manner of challenges that would send lesser beings dashing for the hills. To her, it’s no big deal, because this is her passion: building work environments that embody genius. She wears enough hats to make your head spin. In any given 10-minute window, Tania might be hatching a design idea that will shape our office space, booking Carlos Watson on a flight to Dubai, and spearheading ways of building the OZY Genius Awards. “I love the unknown of what I’m going to do every day at OZY,” she says.

    She’s athletic as hell — we dare you to take her on at the OZY ping pong table — has a thing for pranks, and can turn into an eight-year-old when she’s silly, but at heart Tania is a brick wall of work ethic and aspiration. Outside work, you can find her with a glass of wine in hand, cooking and eating Italian food, rooting — regrettably — for the Miami Dolphins, or exploring hiking trails with her husband Jarin and their dog Zoey.

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