Sunjiv Tandon




    Just like OZY, Sunjiv Tandon was a Silicon Valley baby. His parents had come from India as part of the brain drain that would, decades later, give OZY a good chunk of its employees. But his folks were not typical of their generation, heads-down and risk averse. Nope, they were entrepreneurs. Dad had his company, in the modem space, and Mom had her own, in the disk-drive space.

    The youngest in the family by a decade, little Sunjiv was saucer-eyed over his parents and big sister— still is — but he did not much imagine following in their footsteps. He had come of age in the time of Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls, and until his late teens, he wanted to be a professional basketball player, too. Alas, dreams, drive and a height of 6’2” were not enough. So he studied international business at the University of Southern California, where he honed a burgeoning talent for golf. (At his best, Sunjiv’s handicap was under 5.) Golf also gave him the opportunity for quality links-time with his dad.

    Sunjiv went on to work in private equity before returning to university for a JD/MBA, which he received, with honors, in 2014. He joined OZY in the summer of 2014, attracted by its team and ambition. If he’s not at work, you’ll probably find him watching the Warriors or 49ers.



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