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    Whatever you think when you hear “Jersey girl,” please take a moment to recalibrate. Now meet Sophie Hall: Junior Olympian, connoisseur of making any recipe gluten-free, self-proclaimed left-brainer and OZY’s resident mermaid. She lives in Westchester now.

    Growing up, Sophie was equal parts social butterfly and jock — and managed to unite the two in the sport of synchronized swimming. Every Saturday, she was in the pool at 5 a.m. to practice. For part of the summer, she trained in Santa Clara, California. And in high school, she made it to the Junior Olympics, held in Finland that year, where her team competed against 15 others and brought home the bronze medal. Many of her teammates went on to compete in the Olympics, but in college, Sophie traded synchro for volleyball, thanks to her father’s coaching. On the court, she was captain of the team and broke school records for most assists in a game and most in a season.

    Team player, huh? “Chin up, keep chargin’” are the words she lives by — Sophie got them from her Poppa Bopa, aka Grandpa, aka Capt. Charles Griggs Wheeler. He was stationed in Hawaii for the Navy, and one result is that Sophie picked up a natural gift of surfing from her mother. Today, she and her boyfriend use their vacations to catch waves around the world. Barbados is her favorite place to surf. She adores her older brother, a global soccer agent who is 10 years her senior and fluent in four languages. And could we talk about Sophie’s mom for a second? Sophie swears she makes the best dal in town. We look forward to verifying this information.

    In her spare time, Sophie loves to travel, hang out by the beach and do anything athletic — including watching the New York Giants. Her favorite foods are fajitas, Cookie Monster ice cream and, of course, her mom’s dal. After dinner, you might find her taking her rescue dog, Maximus, out for a stroll, or FaceTiming with Nellie, the family dog, who lives back in Jersey. Turns out you can take the girl out of Jersey, but …



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