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    He’s a British lad with a California soul … and a flare for the dramatic. Raised partly in Brighton, partly in London — and with a high school stint in the Golden State — this OZY fellow is forever on the move. It’s what he likes to call “changing up the scenery.”

    He changed it up big time for an OZY internship — co-founder and editor in chief Carlos Watson is a hard man to turn down, Ned points out — and suffered a bit of culture shock in Silicon Valley during his three-month stint at OZY headquarters. He split his time between Brighton, a seaside town known for its creative vibe and progressive ways, and a Devonshire village along the Jurassic Coast — so named for the bones still found in the sand — so it was just a matter of time before this transplant fell in love with the culture and coastal breezes of San Francisco.  

    Never really a fan of school, Ned is a 20-year-old film buff who watches a minimum of five flicks a week, preferring the “classics” of the ’70s and ’80s. When pressed for favorites, he struggles, noting everything from Alien to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. He loves them all.

    But he also enjoys being in the spotlight. Ned studied drama, performing in local and school plays, and he fancies himself the next Daniel Day Lewis. “It’s all in the future,” he predicts with a laugh, noting that his best bet may be the comedy circuit. French farce plays are among his faves. He’s working on film treatments with friends, trying to put together a skit for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and looking forward to seeing more of the world. So far, he’s visited China, Greece, America — he particularly loved Alaska — and most of Europe. Up next? A push east to see places like Japan and India, where he’d like to visit where his grandfather grew up. And then, of course, there’s the lure of returning to America’s West Coast.

    At OZY, Ned has proven a jack-of-all-trades, trying his hand at marketing, photography and reporting. He’s back home in merry ol’ England for now, but his internship has grown into a full-blown fellowship, opening the door to learning new skills and, he hopes, a return to California. Silicon Valley, after all, isn’t too far from Los Angeles or Hollywood, where Ned reckons he could become the next Ray Winstone, if given half the chance.



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