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    Liz Laber. Her very name sounds like that of an HR superhero’s alter ego, able to recruit large workforces in a single bound. But Liz did not always wear the HR hat (or cape), and her backstory differs from many mortal human resources professionals. 

    A Bay Area native, Liz studied communicative disorders, Spanish literature and psychology at the University of Redlands. Following graduation, she survived one year — and one cold winter — in New York as a team leader for City Year, after which she returned to the sunnier climes of the Bay Area to embark on a career in speech language pathology, specializing in small children on the autism spectrum, as well as child and adult social groups.

    During that time, Liz grew interested in how people interact with their jobs, or “Employee Engagement,” as she later learned it was called in HR-speak. Since Liz made the jump to human resources full time, her life has been a whirlwind, including, most recently, selling her company. Throughout her own employment, the overwhelming source of motivation for Liz, like OZY, has been her curiosity about people. She looks forward to engaging employees and bringing her superhero talents, including her wonky passion for Excel spreadsheets, to her new home in Mountain View.

    Among other activities, Liz enjoy working out and traveling — she’s been to every continent except Asia — but she has stopped making plans. Her motto: “If something sounds awesome and is feasible … game on!”

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