Liz Kaplan




    Liz Kaplan’s life is material worthy of an OZY true story essay. It begins in the erstwhile Leningrad – now St. Petersburg – and wheels through the end of the Soviet Union, new-immigrant America, a tech boom, startup mania, and luckily, to OZY.   

    An avid piano player, Liz found herself drawn to technology after emigrating to the Ohio in 1991, just as the Soviet Union breathed its final sighs. She went to school for computer science and later technology management, and helped grow POLITICO from the ground up for nearly a decade.  

    Today, she and her husband of over 20 years – they met when they were 17, cue some awws – live happily in D.C. Their daughter is a sophomore in college, which leaves them to take the brass tracker boat out every weekend to hike with their two spaniels, do some good old skeet&trapping, and fish on the Potomac and Maryland lakes. In her alternate life, she’s a veterinarian, and warns us that if she wins the lottery, we may lose her to vet school and a gaggle of lucky puppies. 

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