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    Diana Clephane is one of the members of OZY’s crack team of sales superstars. She’s a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie who puts her need for thrills to work selling OZY to potential advertisers and, when not on the clock, jumping off the world’s greatest bungee jumps in New Zealand and South Africa. 

    That same edge-dwelling impulse is what led her to trek with endangered gorillas in Uganda — which brought her face-to-face with a miffed silverback — to hike to Everest Base Camp in 2014, where she managed to (we’re sure) still look glamorous even without bathing for eight days; and to reel in a four-foot-long barracuda using just fishing line and spool in Belize (serve fresh, with spaghetti, reggae music and local rum). All these tales make us wonder if working with us, her new colleagues, is yet another exercise in high-intensity situations. Ah, well. We’re happy to feed that need.

    Diana tells us if she hadn’t gone into the sales game, we might find her living as a struggling, chain-smoking writer in Paris. But she seems to have chosen the right path, which wound her through senior sales jobs at MySpace and Google, among others, before finally bringing her to OZY. Based in Los Angeles and raised in Orange County, California, as one of seven kids, Diana herself is currently mama to a dog that is a dwarf — yes, that’s a thing — and spends her days amassing obscure hobbies. So far, she’s geeked out on gardening, knitting, carpentry and playing — and then forgetting — the ukulele. One day she’ll remember the Marley tunes she spent so long mastering. 

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