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    If she weren’t already OZY’s branded content editor, Daisy Carrington could be our designated bouncer. Though born in London, she jumped to New York as an infant — a strategic move on her parents’ part, she thinks, to be eligible for dual citizenship. (It worked.) Growing up, Daisy bounced back and forth between New York and California, where her dad tried to eke out a living as a screenwriter. His biggest claim to fame? Wait Until Dark, starring Audrey Hepburn.

    Indeed, writing is in Daisy’s blood. Her grandmother, who wrote radio soap operas for NBC, was known as the “Queen of the Soapers” in her heyday. Daisy’s mom, meanwhile, would read her stories she wrote herself about the tooth fairy’s archnemesis, Snaggy the Tooth Witch. No wonder Daisy’s idea of playtime consisted of writing; at 7, her biggest ambition was to write a musical version of Tartuffe. That dream hasn’t materialized … yet.

    In college at Mount Holyoke, Daisy toyed with becoming a politician — until she took a couple of poli-sci classes. She ended up turning to Russian studies “just so I could spend a semester in Moscow and a month in Tbilisi.” She started in journalism by penning theater reviews for the Brooklyn Daily Eagle before becoming a wedding engagement columnist for The New York Observer and working as a features editor for amNewYork. The foodie, who has a penchant for exotic bites (Chicken sashimi? Check.), later became a food critic in Dubai for the Middle East edition of Time Out, where she sampled everything from camel burgers and Syrian cherry kebabs to gold-dusted foie gras sushi. More recently, she lived in London and covered travel, the Middle East and Africa for CNN International. Now in the Bay Area, Daisy says she “can’t wait to gorge on good salsa, fresh corn and concord grapes — all in short supply in the U.K.”

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