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    Bay Area, California is a long way from where this small town girl grew up — Crystal ain’t in Arkansas anymore. Unlike one of the West Coast’s fastest-growing metro areas, the roadside population sign in Mena, Arkansas didn’t change from 5,475 for over a decade (and that was a big town for the area). Knowing everyone in your town has its ups and downs, she says, but being able to treat her extended community as family is a pedigree that makes her well suited to life in the OZY tribe. 

    Though her inner tomboy can no longer climb northern Cali’s redwoods as she could her backyard oak trees, and she’s had to trade the self-picked pecans for some more appropriately hipster Silicon Valley snacks, she’s called the Bay Area home for 18 years now. There’s plenty more she misses — the fall, the winter (the whole “seasons” thing in general, actually), and of course her beloved family — but the heat, the humidity and the bugs eventually drove her west for college.

    Crystal’s teenaged daughter is the most important part of her life, she says, with whom she enjoys sharing her own favorite childhood movie of Labyrinth (no, we don’t get the obsession, either). In true OZY style, Crystal is creative and a little quirky — she loves to let her hair down in dance class, or just making some shapes in her living room — and is also a veritable artist in the making, even if she says she only draws to prove to herself that she can. She’s a planner and a perfectionist — her daughter can draw in a couple of hours what takes her a couple of days (“and I’m not just saying that because I’m her mom!”) — and as an Ad Operations Associate at OZY, she applies that creativity and attention to detail to the important job of making the magic happen for our beloved advertisers, whose funds in turn make the magic happen on OZY.

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