Armandeep Kaur




    Armandeep Kaur is OZY’s resident long-haired queen of programming. A globetrotter and ambitious woman of the computer age, Armandeep has some formidable credentials as a front-end developer. That title? It means she’s the beauty behind OZY’s beauty. 

    With a degree in hand from Rajeev Gandhi Technical University in Bhopal, Armandeep hopped over to the U.S. after getting married – ask about her gorgeous new baby, Arsh! – where she proceeded to add all kinds of letters to her resume (HTML, PHP, SQL, CSS). Luckily those initials have culminated in another three-letter all-caps job at O-Z-Y. See what we did there?

    When not in her hyper-focused zone of concentration, Armandeep can be found challenging and holding her own against MMA champion Eugene S. Robinson and college baseball player Sean Braswell in wall-sits at OZY Olympics, hanging out with her son, and gobbling up all the Thai food she can possibly eat.

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