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    Anne is a gregarious, self-described “classic extrovert” with a generally optimistic attitude, so it makes sense that she is always, always smiling. Always. “I can’t help it,” she says. “It’s my face.” 

    Can you believe she cut her PR teeth at Fox Business Network? 

    More on that in a bit, but let it be known that Anne hails from New Jersey, and a big Italian family that very much defined her taste in food and everything else. She attributes her news bug and entrepreneurial spirit to her father, a journalist–turned–small business founder. Anne describes her mom — who is her career and life role model — as a “no bullsh*t businesswoman,” a Wharton grad who became a VP at a Fortune 500 company.

    It is no surprise then, that when it came to college (Boston College), Anne disliked choosing one area of focus. So she chose all the areas — well, business, psychology and communications all at once. In degree-speak, that means she graduated from BC’s Lynch School of Education with a major in Human Development, a concentration in Organizational Studies and a minor in Communications. Wait, school of education? Yep, Anne thought for a long time that she wanted to be a teacher, given her love of babysitting and working with children, and might still be one day. 

    Did we mention Fox Business? That was her first job out of college. She moved to the City — the only City — to learn the art of business press relations just as S&P downgraded the United States’ credit rating. Great timing! She loved her work and developed a passion for the news. She read five papers a day, cover to cover, and became the the girl at the gym running on the treadmill with a stack of magazines while flipping among major cable networks.

    After two years at Fox Business, Anne joined a PR agency that represents a bevy of media organizations, along with a host of technology, fashion and not-for-profit clients. She got to meet some of her favorite celebrities on the red carpet (what’s up, Bey and Tay Tay?) and once spent the day with Lin Manuel Miranda. She also got to explore her passion for advocacy and philanthropy, helping to open a free medical clinic in the Rockaways after Hurricane Sandy and working with the Family Equality Council.

    Here’s the another thing about Anne: She is insatiably curious, with a million questions for practically everyone she engages with. Should you meet, the first question she’ll probably ask is: Where are you from? “When you ask someone to tell you their roots, you discover where they are grounded.” 

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