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    Alexis is all about color and numbers … and probably watched too much Sesame Street as a kid. This L.A. native eats mostly green food — juiced or fried — and remembers moments of her life by associating dates with colors, starting with the number 6. She can’t explain why she discriminates against 1 through 5, but we’re fairly certain it has something to do with Oscar the Grouch.

    A trained dancer, Alexis has performed ballet, hip-hop, lyrical jazz and contemporary dance for 15 years, yet she’s clumsy as hell offstage, which earns her no end of ribbing from loved ones. Other happy pursuits include hiking, kayaking and rock-climbing, but don’t let this green-smoothie-sipping ballerina fool you — she’s a sucker for sweets and loves to bake.

    Alexis has a twin brother and says they’re best friends but polar opposites. We assume this means he likes the numbers 1 through 5 and multicolored foods, but he couldn’t be reached for comment. 

    To pique this Berkeley grad’s interest, quote her a bit of Elie Wiesel — she reads everything about the Holocaust — or talk to her about life in Spain. Alexis spent six months living in Seville, home of the 1992 World’s Fair, where she fell in love with Andalusian culture. 

    We are beginning to suspect that Alexis is a spy. She’s got that whole color-numbers thing going — she calls it synesthesia, we call it weird — which may have really been part of her training. She’s lived overseas and loves to travel, and her favorite childhood pastime was memorizing school address books, which nobody does. Alexis says she wanted to be 007 in real life (more numbers!) and admits that she continues to investigate people and stories in her spare time. 

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