Why you should care

Because we’ll pay you oodles of cash if you do. No, really.

The zeitgeist-y tone and timbre of our now modern times seems to indicate that we’re all at once both at the nexus of truthiness and its next nearest cousin, total batshit craziness, and far, far beyond it. If the world is being advised that it’s not so much what we say as what we mean and what we mean is subject to what YOU mean then we’re healthily and, we believe, happily unmoored from the material world in a really genius way.

Specifically, nothing means anything. And everything means everything else.

What do I mean? Does it matter?

Instead of looking at our modern political quandary like a riddle in need of solving try adjusting to its artistry and the fact that out of thin air the most fanciful notions will and can emerge. So it’s not so much the building of the wall it’s just saying you’re going to build one, then maybe even saying that you never said you were going to build it because, well: eggs.

That’s right. Once you slip through the keyhole ANYTHING is possible. And what a wonderful place to be. And very precisely why EUGENIOUS went right there.


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