Envision a World Without Shame

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Why you should care

Because getting your hand caught in the cookie jar could happen to just about anyone.

The fear and loathing felt for the Gotcha Game in the American public life is very possibly precisely because we’ve become so highly attuned to changes in the moral temperature of the marketplace of hysteria that we know it can result in sudden political death. Historical paths are littered with those who had an “off” day/moment/lapse. Which is sort of how these things work.

But when this instinct dovetails with our collective concerns about and conversations around shame and shaming — fat, body, slut, just to start off with — we hit a curious quandary that raises the question: Are we moving into a post-shame period? And if so, does that mean it’s going to be a field day for the shameless?

OZY’s Eugenious aims to find out.


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