The Future of the Sixth Sense: PredicTED by OZY

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Video by Matthew Reyes

Humans may be constantly evolving creatures, but now we’re catapulting ahead in one giant leap. Soon, the five senses will expand in ways we never could have imagined, fundamentally shifting our definitions of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. We’ll add new dimensions to old senses, seeing ultraviolet light waves, like a caribou, or feeling sound in our bones, like an elephant. Eyes and ears will be boosted by science and technology, perhaps altering how we think about disability. These heightened interactions with the world could give us access to information that we’ve been missing since humans began walking upright.

In this latest installment of PredicTED, scientists show us how these new superpowers will change us and the way we interact with the universe. Now, reality will be a much richer experience, and one that goes far beyond the virtual … if you want it to.



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