A Brave New Bionic World: PredicTED by OZY

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Because you may want to dunk on an NBA player — or leap over a tall building in a single bound.

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Prosthetics have long been associated with physical disability. We’ve thought of them as crutches, literally, for people who’ve lost function in parts of their bodies.

But what if we thought about prosthetics differently — not as compensation for loss, but as potential enhancement? Super speed? Check. Super strength? Check. The ability to fly like Supergirl or jump like Iron Man? Almost. It may seem outlandish now, but thanks to the brilliant minds and persevering spirits of engineers and activists like Hugh Herr, Eythor Bender and Aimee Mullins, that future is closer than you think. In this installment, PredicTED by OZY looks at our brave new bionic future.

All that’s left is for you to start imagining the brave new bionic world. How would you change your body?

Video by Melanie Ruiz and Tom Gorman



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