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About OZY
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When we launched OZY, we had a big idea.

OZY is a media company tailor-made for the Change Generation – people from every corner of the globe who are challenging the status quo and bucking convention. It's a platform to help you see more, be more and do more. Or, as one fan put it, "OZY is what cool people read to be smart and smart people read to be cool."

Our mission is to help the curious see the world more broadly and more boldly by vaulting them ahead of the traditional news cycle and introducing them to the New and the Next – rising stars, fresh trends, provocative ideas and boundary-pushing culture, from "Amish crack" to an underground bar buried in a German bomb shelter, from robo-police to the next great cage fighter.

What will you get from OZY? Stories that defy convention, change perspectives and ignite ideas, across news, podcasts, TV and events. Every day, OZY serves up all-original reporting, bubble-bursting viewpoints and delicious recommendations. If the news makes you depressed, angry or stressed, why not try something that empowers, stimulates, and makes you smarter instead? Step out of line with OZY — news for the disruptive.


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Founded by Samir Rao and Carlos Watson, who hail from Michigan and Florida (with a nod to India and Jamaica), OZY's back story is in fact a love story. Carlos' political scientist dad had a love of news so profound that he raised his young son on a rich diet of current events and history-shaping newsmakers. When Carlos and Samir, former colleagues at Goldman Sachs, ran into each other in a Chipotle parking lot, their conversation circled in on a big idea: How could they reimagine the news for a globally minded, discerning and diverse group that they named the Change Generation? People who are edgy and educated, hungry and observant – and tired of being handed the same menu rehashing yesterday's top stories. From a coffee shop in downtown Mountain View, California, Carlos and Samir refined their idea and in 2013 – with the support of investors Laurene Powell Jobs, Mike Moe, Louise Rogers, Dan Rosensweig, Larry Sonsini, David Drummond, Ron Conway and others – OZY became a reality.


Ahead of curve

OZY built its reputation on profiling the New and the Next – we featured Trevor Noah before he was named host of the Daily Show, brought you Alexandria Ocasio Cortez before she became a Congressional nominee and showcased Aaron Judge before he was a Yankee all-star. From fashion to Wall Street to K-Street, from medicine to movies, OZY has profiled more than 1,000 breakout figures and trends before top publications like The New York Times and The Economist caught up. If your preferred pace is several steps ahead, OZY is where you belong.


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To deliver on our pledge to report on global happenings every day, we knew we'd need the most diverse news team around. Simply put, diversity is coded into our DNA. From the Times of London to Southern law firms to the university corridors of Delhi, OZY scans the world for the best talent, and the result is a richly diverse team across age, gender, ethnicity, orientation, geography, ideology and background. Their opinions and points of view may not always align – and that's exactly the point. You can't bring your audience the world if your team only represents one small part.


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As an extension of our in-house team, OZY has been honored to welcome contributors, speakers and guest editors representing a wide ideological spectrum – from Senator John McCain to Samantha Bee. OZY has become a favorite of thought leaders and trendsetters who share our commitment to advancing the conversation: We've heard from political leaders like Secretary Hillary Clinton and President George W. Bush, authors Roxane Gay and Malcolm Gladwell, actors Gwyneth Paltrow and Issa Rae, entrepreneurs Mark Cuban and Bill Gates, and global citizens Eddie Huang, London Kaye and RuPaul. We thirst for new ways of thinking, which is why top journalistic organizations like NPR, TED, BBC and The New York Times are partnering with us.


expanding reach

OZY may have started as a digital news and culture magazine, but our initial vision had much more in sight. To date, our momentum has already propelled us across an array of platforms including television (producer of 3 original prime time TV shows and counting), podcasts (The Thread is among the top podcast franchises in the world) and kickass festivals (OZY Fest, a summer celebration of music, thought, comedy, food and more, is the cultural event not to be missed). In all, we reach over 50M people every month – from OZY.com to social media, email, app, TV, podcasts, live events and more.


We were founded on the belief that more is possible and a determination to question assumptions about how the world operates and what lies ahead. And we built those convictions into our name, which comes from "Ozymandias" by Percy Bysshe Shelley. The poem is commonly read as a warning against outsized egos and the impermanence of power. But we choose to read it differently. To us, it's a call to think big while remaining humble. Admittedly, ours is an unconventional interpretation – because that's who we are. In a world littered with conformity, we like to see things differently.


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We think of OZY as more than a media company – it's also a mission and a mindset. Greater numbers of people are following the news today, and yet they're feeling dissatisfied by what they find. What we don't need is more voices added to the echo chamber. We don't need cynicism or hate-mongering. What we do need is news designed to serve the curious and clear-sighted hungering for a fresh perspective – one that embraces the world in all its complexity, color and opportunity. Are you getting that from your news? We didn't think so.


Join OZY for a view of the world you haven't seen before. It's big and brash and beautiful. It's OZY. Experience the new news.